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Home Euthanasia

Assessing your pets’ quality of life

It can be very hard to make the decision and to know when it is time to let go and choose to end the life of your loved companion.

Pet owners often struggle with this decision, as no one wants their pet to suffer, but we also want them to have a certain quality of life.

We can help with this very difficult decision and give you a nonjudgmental, unbiased opinion on what may be the best option for your pet, taking your whole situation into consideration.

In home euthanasia

When the decision has been made that it is time to say goodbye, it can be much more peaceful for you and your pet to say goodbye in the comfort of your home. Your pet could be on their favourite couch, or on their favourite spot in the sun outside.

We strive to make the euthanasia process as comfortable and smooth as possible.

We can then organise cremation, burial or disposal, as you wish.

Puppy and Kitten Care

  • We offer vaccination and microchipping for single puppies, kittens or litters.
  • We have special prices for those larger litters – and we can come to you.
  • No cleaning the car, picking up after the pups’ accidents, and a safer, easier experience for the whole family.
  • Most breeders find it A LOT EASIER to have the vet come to them! 😊
  • We can also provide Fit to Fly certificates, if required.
  • We can provide all the necessary worming or anti parasite products you may need for both mum and bubs (wormers, flea, tick products. Etc.)
  • We also provide a FREE health check of the parents with the litter vaccinations.


We are one of the best equipped mobile veterinarians when it comes to diagnostics. We can do the same things vets would do in clinic, at the convenience of your home.  Each van has its own Microscope, Blood collecting equipment, Centrifuge for spinning down urine or blood, and on request, we can also bring our ultrasound to you.


What does this mean?

  • It means that when your dog has an ear infection, for example. We will not just give out any antibiotics: We do a smear, to find out exactly what type of bacteria or mite is in your pets’ ears, and we can prescribe the best antibiotic, specific to your pet, from the get go. Why? This means your pet will heal quicker and we are avoiding the risk of creating resistant bacteria in your pets’ ears.  
  • Blood collection – We can take blood from your pet at home (*in most cases) – and we can then take it straight to the lab ourselves, so you get the results as quick as possible.
  • Urinalysis – If we suspect your pets has a UTI, or any other urinary issues, we will usually perform a full urinalysis. This involves spinning down urine to check the sediment for crystals or debris. We can also check the urine for different types of bacteria as well.
  • Ultrasound – Upon request, we can make sure we take our ultrasound to your consult – We often use our ultrasound for PREGNANCY DIAGNOSIS at home, or for abdominal ultrasounds too.

Arthritis Management

We love our oldies and we love to see them happy, comfortable, as pain free as possible! Our vets are passionate about helping your pets. We have multiple options for arthritis management. Here are some examples:

  • Medications (Tablets or Liquid) such as Anti inflammatories and/ or pain relief
  • Nutraceuticals We only recommend proven products backed by scientific research- These products can be added to foods daily that have been proven to help with arthritis and joint pain.
  • Injections – These are often given once a week, four weeks in a row, and then as required (every few months or once a year)
  • A combination of these, along with your pets’ overall health assessment, we will recommend what may be best for you and your pet.
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